Central European Student and Young Professionals Congress

Zagreb, May 8-10 2015
Croatia - Zagreb

Historically, geographically and culturally Croatia has always been on the crossroad between the Central Europe, Balkans and Mediterranean. This has given Croatia an important role in transport and trading over centuries that resulted in extremely rich diversity of cultural and historical heritage. Today Croatia is mostly known for its beautiful coast, preserved nature and exceptional gastronomy.

Croatia is one of the ecologically best preserved parts of Europe. It is a land where the hues of the sunny and warm Mediterranean happily blend with the tranquillity and freshness of mountains and the gentle sway of the golden plains of Pannonia. A land of truly divine inspiration that has delighted many of the world’s prominent men of letters. A rare European landscape which boasts as many as eight national parks in so small an area!

Zagreb is Croatia's capital, as well as being a business centre, university centre, city of culture, art and entertainment. Springing up from two medieval settlements - Kaptol and Gradec, which form the core of the old Upper Town, it is a true Central European city and with the surrounding settlements it has about one million inhabitants. A large number of green oases and walks, numerous excursion sites in beautiful surroundings, monuments and sacred objects make it a pleasant place to live in and a city tailored to fit every man.