Central European Student and Young Professionals Congress

Zagreb, May 8-10 2015
Plenary session 1
15:00 - 15:30 D2 Region 8
15:30 - 16:00 D2 SAC
16:00 - 16:30 D2 Young Professionals

Region 8
Friday, 15:00 - 15:30, D2



Christian M. Schmid was born in Vienna, Austria, in 1983. He received the Dipl.-Ing. (M.Sc.) degree in mechatronics from the Johannes Kepler University (JKU), Linz, Austria, in 2009, where he is currently pursuing the Ph.D. degree.

During his time as an M.Sc. student, he was a visiting student at Prof. Tatsuo Itoh’s Microwave Electronics Laboratory, University of California, Los Angeles, in 2008. From 2009 to 2014 he was a research assistant at the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Integrated Radar Sensors, JKU, Linz. Mid-2014 he joined Infineon Technologies, where he carries on his work on millimeter-wave radar system design for automotive applications.

Christian served as IEEE Region 8 Student Representative 2013/2014 and currently serves IEEE Region 8 Secretary 2015/2016. He was recipient of a German VDI award in 2009 and of the 2012 European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP) Best Measurement Paper Prize.

Friday, 15:30 - 16:00, D2


Dinko Jakovljević is a graduate student at the Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek where he studies Computer Engineering. He has been an IEEE member for 3 years during which he performed various roles. In 2012 he was a Tresaurer at IEEE Student Branch Osijek upon which in 2013 he was promoted into the Chair position being currently held. Furthermore, he has been a Student Representative at Croatia Section since the beginning of 2015. Among three other people, he has established IEEEmadC contest where he is a Promotional Activities Coordinator and Designer. He was a Student Ambassador for Croatia at IEEEXtreme 8.0 competition. Currently he works as PR lead for IEEEXtreme 9.0 competition. Being the Awards and Contest Coordinator, he is responsible for promoting and coordinating the awards and contests at the regional level, encouraging students to participate in contests and assisting them making nominations for awards.

Ahmet Taygun NAMLI is senior year Electrical and Electronics Engineering student who’s majority is about Telecommunication field in Osmangazi University in Turkey. In four years of membership he was responsible for many active role either in his branch or in the section. In Osmangazi University SB, Event Coordinator and Board Member his main roles for over 2 years. In Turkey Section he served as Twin Branch Coordination Team Member and Section SAC Member as Institutional Representative. In IEEE Region 8 SAC he volunteered as Corresponding Member. This year as a main role he helped the evaluation process of Awards & Contests.

Young Professionals
Friday, 16:00 - 16:30, D2



Kateryna Osypenko was born on 17/12/1989, Kyiv, Ukraine. In 2012 graduated from the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute", Faculty of Electronics, Department of Industrial Electronics, specialty "Electronic systems", got the qualification of engineer-researcher. From 2012 – PhD student of Department of Industrial Electronics, Faculty of Electronics, National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute", thesis theme – "Converters operating modes control in autonomous power supply systems".

Position: National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute", Faculty of Electronics, the assistant lecturer of Department of Industrial Electronics.

Research interests: analysis and calculation of electronic circuits by the method of structural numbers; PLC networks planning methods; converters in Smart Grid; MPPT algorithms for renewables in Smart Grid.

IEEE activities: IEEE member since 2010; Vice Chair of IEEE KPI Student Branch since 2012; Chair of IEEE KPI Student Branch from 2013; Vice Chair of YP AG; assists in the organization of IEEE international scientific conferences on Electronics and Electrical Engineering: IEEE International Conference on Electronics and Nanotechnology, International Scientific Conference of Young Scientists "Electronics", International Scientific Conference "Problems of modern electrical engineering", International Conference on Intelligent Energy and Power Systems.